How should you store your kilt

A kilt is an investment and with proper care, will last a lifetime. To give your kilt the best chance of looking it's best for years to come it’s important that it is stored properly.

After you have worn your kilt and you are ready to store it away until the next event, the first thing you should do is make sure that it is aired thoroughly. Moisture can be absorbed by your kilt from sweat, a drink spill or even by just being worn in a high humidity room. If there is moisture in the kilt when it is stored, mildew can grow in the wool which is very difficult to remove and could end up damaging the kilt. The best way to air your kilt is outside in the sun if weather permits or inside in a warm ventilated room.

When your kilt is fully dry, using a hanger that allows you to clip the kilt along the entire top of the kilt is best. It’s important that both the front and back are clipped together without any sagging. Wool is a resilient material and creases formed during storage can usually be removed by hanging the kilt in a shower room (not in the shower) and letting steam relax the creases. If sagging occurs this will stretch the wool and is a much bigger problem to fix so it’s best to avoid this occurring in the first place.

Once your kilt is hanging where it will be stored, make sure it has some space and other clothes aren’t pushed up against it. Wool likes to breathe so giving it a little room while being stored is a good idea. Moth balls or cedar blocks are also recommended to keep clothes moths away. The last thing you want is your perfect kilt ending up with little holes in it.

If you are traveling with your kilt it’s best to roll the kilt rather than fold it into a suitcase. Folding your kilt is not a great option as creases can form and rolling it prevents this from happening. We recommend using a Kilt Wardrobe and Kilt Roll as it will keep your kilt perfectly rolled and the rest of your kilt outfit properly protected during travel. The kilt roll is very easy to use, all that you need to do is remove the kilt pin, place the kilt on the kilt roll and roll the kilt with the pleats. If you make sure that each pleat is flat and the kilt is rolled firmly, it will be in perfect wearable condition when you arrive. The kilt roll can also be used to store your kilt short term, between wears.

Storing a kilt isn’t difficult but it is important to know the basics to make sure your kilt will look perfect at every event. If you have any questions or think it might be time for a new kilt, give us a call or email us at