How to choose the perfect Tartan to wear for your wedding.

A groom’s outfit at his wedding used to be dictated by his family name. But these days not every surname has a tartan, and sometimes the groom isn’t even Scottish! But don’t let this put you off, there are a few choices you have when selecting the right tartan to wear on your wedding day.

Maybe your grandmother’s maiden name has a family tartan, or your family is from a certain region of Scotland. Did you know there is a whole range of district tartans you can choose from? We provide a large range of district tartans including Ayrshire, Crieff, Fort William and Perthshire to name just a few. All are suitable tartans for kiltmaking, so there are a few different ways of paying homage to your heritage.

Another type of tartan to consider may be those that represent a special event or place in your life. There are tartans that represent different places like the Spirit of Yorkshire, German Heritage Tartan, or the New York City Tartan, perhaps you’ve spent a significant time of your life in another country and would like to tie those memories into your big day. There are also tartans like the Help for Heroes or the RAF tartan, both of which would be excellent choices to commemorate your service in the military.

There are also many, many universal tartans out there like the Patriot Tartan, Scottish Thistle, and Scottish National Black. These tartans are very popular for weddings as they can blend easily with a certain colour scheme. The Patriot and Scottish Thistle tartans would go well with a blue theme, and the Scottish National Black would work very well with a purple or grey theme.

The Hebridean Range also work very well for weddings. Many of the tartans are grey or grey and white which make them excellent choices that will tone in with any colour scheme. A splash of colour from a tie is all you would need to link the whole outfit to the bridesmaid dresses.

Our advice though… Speak to your partner first! 

They may have put a lot of effort into choosing a colour scheme, so best not to choose a tartan that will clash with the overall theme of the wedding. But there are many options to choose from. If you find yourself in need of any advice at all our friendly customer services team is always on hand to help.

The groom doesn’t always have to wear his own kilt!