Scot & Earl - excited to announce new partnership

Scot & Earl are excited to announce that we are partnering with renowned and well established Scottish independent jeweller Helen Swan, who will be producing a range of exclusive men and women’s jewellery for our online store.

When Helen began making jewellery it was because she wanted something completely original which couldn’t be found anywhere else. She didn’t want to design to trends, she wanted to create for people. That was over thirty years ago, and she has never stopped designing and making jewellery since. Now she’s privileged to share her work with people all over the world, her jewellery being purchased by anyone who appreciates simple, elegant, contemporary design.

From the first stroke of pencil on paper, to the last polish of silver, her hands are involved in every part of the process, working only with the best ethically sourced materials from trusted suppliers, building limited batches and creating pieces that go beyond the latest trend to truly stand the test of time.

With each exclusive piece being created in Helens studio in Glasgow and Scot & Earl focused on working with only the very best that Scotland has to offer, this partnership provides us both with a great platform to showcase design, craftsmanship and quality of the highest level.

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