The Spirit of Yorkshire

Born in Yorkshire. Bred in Yorkshire. Live in Yorkshire...

All invoke a real sense of pride in our place, our heritage, our culture, history and our people. From the distinct dialects to the local food choices, folk from Yorkshire are proud to be from here.
And why not... Yorkshire is the largest county of them all by far, stretching from the North Sea coast deep into and over the Pennines and from the River Tees to the Humber and further south inland. Encompassing both empty moorland and crowded conurbations, high fells and low plains.
It's a county with a strong character and identity of its own, just like it's people.

We've got Yorkshire puddings and Yorkshire tea, we've got the single most successful county cricket team since county cricket began. We've got the oldest association football team in the world... We've absolutely got the finest ales known to man.

And we can even wear our very own tartan "The Spirit of Yorkshire" - to be worn with pride by Yorkshire folk where ever they are in the world.

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