The word "sporran" is Gaelic for purse or pouch and was traditionally made from the by-products of what people were eating, like the skin of a deer or a calf. Sporrans were used by highlanders to store things like oatmeal, money or other items needed in daily life. Kilts have never had pockets, but people have always had the need to carry various items around with them. Kilts still don't have pockets and sporrans are a practical and stylish way to carry things like your wallet, phone and hip flask.

There are various styles and designs of sporrans, but they can all be categorised into either, day sporrans, semi-dress sporrans or dress sporrans. Which sporran you choose will largely depend on the type of event you are attending as well as personal preference.

Day sporrans are made exclusively from leather or synthetic leather and have minimal adornment. Day sporrans can have tassels or an embossed design on the front, but this is usually quite subtle. The sporran is closed by a folded lid and secured with a stud.

As the name suggests, day sporrans are great for events that happen during the day or for very casual occasions. Day sporrans pair well with most contemporary tweed kilt outfits, but we wouldn’t recommend them for formal attire.

In most cases, semi-dress sporrans will have a similar shape to day sporrans and will also have a folding lid that is secured in the front with a stud. Semi-dress sporrans differ because they usually have short hair hide or tweed on the front. They are usually more decorative and often feature metal accents as well as an embossed design.

Semi-dress sporrans are a great option for semi-formal events and events that run from afternoon into night. They are a good match for tweed kilt outfits and can also be worn with Argyll outfits.

Dress sporrans are made from animal fur as well as synthetic fur and have the key characteristic of a metal cantle that fastens the sporrans opening. These sporrans are usually the most eye-catching and often have intricate designs on the cantle and feature fur tassels.

Dress sporrans are the most formal type of sporran and are a great choice for weddings. They will pair nicely with any kilt outfit but especially the Prince Charlie Jacket as this is also the most formal type of outfit.

In each category there is a range of different styles and designs. This is where your preference comes into play. You can choose how extravagant or simple you want your outfit to be depending on your choice of sporran.

No matter what your preference is, if you are choosing the right sporran for the right occasion, you can’t go wrong. 

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