What to consider when hiring kilts for a wedding

When you decide to hire highland outfits for your wedding, you'll have the exciting task of kitting out your wedding party in kilts. This may seem daunting with so many options of tartans, jacket styles and accessories to choose from, however we're here to make this process as easy and as enjoyable for everyone as possible.

The first thing to do is book an appointment for a highland consultation with one of our expert wedding specialists. They'll guide you through all the different outfit options, our hire tartans and which accessories go best with our hire outfits.
During this process, it’s important to understand how a wedding party can be kitted out so that the Groom can stand out from the rest of the party.

Many brides and grooms choose to let their wedding party pick their own tartans, kilt jacket styles and accessories. This is a mix-and-match style with all the party able to pick their own colour scheme. The great thing about highland outfits is that even with so many different colours to choose from, even a mix of outfits still looks fantastic in wedding photographs.

One option though for the Groom to stand out is a plaid. This is the long thin piece of material worn over the Groom’s left shoulder. Whether it's a mix-and-match of hire outfits, or everyone wearing the same outfit, a plaid can be worn by the Groom to let him stand out from the crowd. We can hire plaids with all our hire tartans and they can be easily taken off when evening comes for dancing or a more relaxed outfit style.

Another option is to have everyone in the party wearing the exact same tartan and jacket style. 

The wedding party usually consists of the Groom, a Best Man, Fathers, Ushers and Page Boys. All of the party can wear the same tartan and the same jacket style, but it’s the accessories that will then let the Groom stand out from the crowd.

Subtle differences could be:

· A different colour of sporran

· A different colour of socks

· A different style / colour of neckwear

· A different colour of shirt

The most popular example is when a wedding party all wear black sporrans, but the Groom wears a cream sporran. So all the outfits match up exactly, except for the colour of sporran. Small, subtle changes like this can make a big difference in photographs and can really let the Groom stand out.

Another popular option is for the whole party to wear the same tartan. The difference comes with the jacket style. The Groom and Best Man would wear a different jacket style to the rest of the party, eg the Groom and Best Man wear a darker grey jacket and the rest of the party wear a lighter grey jacket. This is a great option and allows the party to be similar in tartan, but different in jacket style. This can be taken a step further by using the previous option, with the Groom wearing a cream sporran and the rest of the party (including the best man) wearing the black sporran. Again, this means the Groom has the most unique hire outfit in the whole party and lets him stand out most.


Because there are a huge number of choices/styles and colour options to choose from, we believe it's important to try on our hire outfits before your big day, and to do so, we provide a Fitting Service in which all the options above (and more) can not only be discussed, but actually tried on, to ensure you are delighted with your outfit choices on your biggest day.

Our team will cover colour schemes, how many are in the wedding party and all the ways in which the groom can stand out. They'll also take measurements and run through every option and choice available to you. We usually ask our brides and grooms to have their outfit consultations at least 3- 6 months before their big day. This means any changes they want to make can be done with plenty of time before the wedding day. 

For more information: contact us via customerservices@lcmsgroup.com